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specialist futon makers and contemporary bed designers

panama futon sofa bedOur futon sofa beds are simply the best in town. Made to an excellent standard they turn the futon idea into stylish and satisfying space-saving furniture.

We've been making futons for 25 years using skilled craftsmen in our own workshops in Sheffield. Our futons are ideal space-savers – they fold easily from stylish, comfortable sofas to healthy, firm beds. If you're really short of space you can use a futon mattress on the floor, roll it away to make more room and bring it out for the unexpected guest.

tokyo futon sofa bedOur futons are made to last. We've always made the best possible futons; over the years we've tried different futon fillings but we think that our current blend of modern cotton-based fibres makes for the most comfortable and long lasting futon you can find.

Using our own workshops means we can make your futon in any size – almost.
Special shaped futon mattress for a boat? Yes, we can probably do that!

If you want to use a futon mattress on a wooden bed base we have a wonderful selection of wooden beds at our sister site,, all perfectly suitable for a futon mattress. We use solid timbers: oak, walnut, maple, beech, cherry and pine; all from sustainable sources. No veneers. In addition to futons we have a choice of comfortable and healthy mattresses including Waterlattex, Memory foam and Organic Latex.

We deliver our futons and mattresses World wide.

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Futon Beds

If you want to use a futon mattress as a permanent bed we have a great range of Futon Beds at our site where you'll also find Organic Bed Linen, Indian Silk Duvet Covers, Goose Down Duvets, Bedside Tables, Chests of Drawers and other kinds of Mattresses. Some of the most popular designs are shown below.